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Wildlife May Be The Reason You’re Freezing!

Do you find yourself shivering as the sun goes down? Running out of blankets and sweaters to pile on? The furnace works fine, but the problem may be the insulation in your attic has been destroyed. This time of year … Continue reading

One Dirty Raccoon Job

It’s not every day we come across a house that has been vacant for over two years, and completely filled with belongings. On top of this, raccoons and other wildlife have made this their home (and private toilet). Raccoons had … Continue reading

Raccoon Emergency in Kitchener

Last night we responded to a raccoon emergency in a mail truck. It’s actually quite a common occurrence to find wildlife wandering into shipping docks and garages late at night, because these places typically stay open for hours at a … Continue reading

Recent Cold Snap Causing Urban Wildlife to Seek Your Home for Shelter

With winter approaching, decreasing day and night time temperatures are causing urban wildlife to leave their less sheltered summer den sites and relocate to more protected areas such as attics and chimneys. Wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels and skunks will … Continue reading

September Brings Wildlife (and bugs) Indoors

With September and cooler temperatures coming, now is the time to get bat work done. Once the temperature drops below 6 degrees on a consistent basis, bats look to hibernate. Time is of the essence. We are still seeing our … Continue reading