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Little Brown Bat Population Dwindles Amid Calls for Humane Pest Control

It’s bad news for little brown bats in New Jersey: James O’Neill, staff writer for the NorthJersey.com news, reports on the diminishing bat count in the state. There once were as many as 30,000 of these bats in Jersey’s primary … Continue reading

Raccoon Removal: A Growing Necessity

Calling all raccoon removal services like GTA’s Skedaddle Wildlife: Toronto Sun’s Ted Woloshyn reported in one of his columns that with an average of 50 raccoons per square kilometre, Toronto is undoubtedly the Raccoon Capital of the World. Originally from … Continue reading

Let’s Talk Bats

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control recently sat down with Dr. Paul Faure from McMaster University’s Bat Lab to talk bats. His knowledge of bat behaviour is second to none, so we squeezed him for some interesting facts. SKEDADDLE WILDLIFE: So, Dr. … Continue reading

Concerns Arise as Rodent Control Service in Wales Becomes a Commodity

While most rodents may be small, these critters may carry various dangerous disease pathogens. Rodent infestations have been found to cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome or HPS, a deadly disease accompanied by fever, severe muscle aches, and fatigue. In Wales, budgetary … Continue reading

The Rise of Distemper Makes Effective Raccoon Removal Even More Important

Metronews.ca reported last March that cases of distemper among raccoons and skunks are on the rise in Windsor, Ontario. This development doesn’t entirely come as a surprise to the authorities, however, because it is common for these animals to contract … Continue reading