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Canada Takes Getting Rid of Mice to the Next Level, Declares War Against the Vermin

Getting rid of mice and other rodents is a serious undertaking, but never more so than in the archipelago of Haida Gwaii or Queen Charlotte Island in Canada. Naturalists on the archipelago have declared an all-out war on the rats … Continue reading

Getting Rid of Rodents For A Cause: Hospital Seeks Out Dead Animal Donations to Keep Birds Alive

In the circle of life, animals become either prey or predator, or even both. A slight alteration to this natural phenomenon, though, happens when human intervention is needed to care for an animal that is not fully capable of fending … Continue reading

Why Businesses Need Professional Rodent Control

A recent article in Global News reports that in the past two years, 754 establishments in Toronto were slapped with health citations, with 87 of them forced to close due to violations related to rodent and pest infestations. For a … Continue reading

Hamilton Wildlife Control Team Takes Bats Out of Redevelopment

Bats have been a protected order of animals in the United Kingdom since the enactment of the Wildlife Countryside Act in 1981. However, as the borough of South Tyneside in England has learned, they are pesky obstacles to development as … Continue reading

Prompt Animal Control in the Midst of a Bat-Killer Scourge

Bats may not be welcome in people’s houses; but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve mankind’s kindness. As of this writing, efforts by the government of Canada are underway to save several species of bats across the eastern part of … Continue reading