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Fight Off Bed Bugs with Efficient Pest Control

The adage “don’t let the bed bugs bite” is getting a lot harder to follow these days. In an article from the Canadian Press, two seniors’ homes in Alberta and four buses in Edmonton have been treated for bed bug … Continue reading

The Importance of Immediately Getting Rid of Mice to Avoid Business Closure

An article in the Toronto Star dated January 31 reports about the closure of two Kensington Market shops—a bakery and a fish market—after critical rodent infestations were identified in them. The closure was ordered by Toronto Public Health in an … Continue reading

The Difficult Task of Thoroughly Getting Rid of Rodents

A January 5, 2013 article posted on CBC News’ website reported on the flurry of concern raised over the discovery of a rat carcass in a southeast neighborhood in Calgary, Alberta. The presence of the dead rodent in New Brighton, … Continue reading

Rodent Control Service Providers: Keeping People Away From Harm

More than being a major nuisance to homeowners’ properties, rodent infestation is also accompanied by the risk of contracting a number of infectious diseases. Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), for instance, is a rare lung disease brought about by the hantavirus, … Continue reading

Rodent Control Services: A Must for Canadian Homes

CBC News reported last May that after a long winter, Charleswood, Winnipeg resident Julian Warelis was shocked to see his lawn all messed up as he was raking grass. It turned out that a pack of burrowing voles chewed up … Continue reading