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Call Animal Control and Wildlife Removal Services to Stop Bat Infestation

Contrary to popular belief, bats are not major carriers of the rabies virus; however, those that actually are have a tendency to be clumsy and thus are more prone to human contact. This makes incidents of bat infestation seem scarier … Continue reading

New Animal Control Bylaw Sets No Limits to Number of Bird Feeders: How will this End Squirrel Invasion?

In Mississauga, Ontario, the intrusion of urban wildlife has become such a huge problem. Chris Clay of Mississauga News reports that the city’s municipal staff eventually proposed setting a limit to the number of bird feeders local residents may install, … Continue reading

Animal Removal and Wildlife Control Services Get Rid of Raccoons in a Humane Process

With the raccoon population in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) increasing rapidly, it’s no surprise that David Suzuki called Toronto the “raccoon capital of the world” in the CBC documentary Raccoon Nation. Sometimes referred to as masked bandits, these nocturnal … Continue reading

Wildlife Control Services: Controlling Bird Populations in a Safe and Humane Way

Bruce Di Labio of the Ottawa Citizen recently reported that the rising water levels in the Ottawa River have caused shorebirds of various species to foray inland in search of more ideal feeding habitats. These included egrets, cranes, herons, and … Continue reading