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Don’t DIY: Bats

Bats are an elusive species. Cloaked in darkness, they spend much of their time flying at night, feeding on insects. They are known to squeeze into the smallest openings, much like mice, and this makes them extremely difficult to defend …Continue reading

Don’t DIY: Skunks

Wildlife cause all kinds of problems for homeowners – from skunks digging in the backyard to raccoons tearing a roof apart. Wildlife can be destructive. We see many examples of people trying to out-smart wildlife at every turn. Chicken wire, …Continue reading

The Importance of Hands-On Raccoon Removal

This video was captured by one of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control’s technicians as he evicted a mother raccoon from a crawlspace in Kanata, Ontario. This raccoon had decided to take up residence below the floor of this house by digging …Continue reading