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Fall is Coming

As summer winds down and the trees begin to shed their leaves, we are reminded of the beauty of mother nature. We are also reminded of the need to wildlife-proof our homes before winter! The fall season brings us a … Continue reading

Why Expandable Foam Does not Deter Wildlife

With over 25 years’ experience helping homeowners solve wildlife and pest problems, Skedaddle knows just how difficult it can be to keep your home protected. Houses are under constant threat of entry from animals in search of shelter and food. … Continue reading

Understanding Bat Behaviour

Nighttime Snacking Bats are out and about from dusk to dawn in search of food sources such as mosquitoes, June beetles and other flying insects. This means swooping and diving amongst the trees and shrubs near your deck. Bats also … Continue reading

Signs You May Have Bats in Your Attic

Bats are small but they can cause serious damage to your home. We see bats primarily in attics, however they can end up in a number of places, including behind walls, in drop ceilings and other dark corners of the … Continue reading

Cleaning Bat Droppings

One of the unfortunate byproducts of having a bat infestation on your property are the droppings (guano) they leave behind. These bat droppings are tiny, black specks that will accumulate near the site of entry — often indicating a problem … Continue reading