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Outrage Over Dead Squirrels in Montreal

Recently, the CBC covered a story in Montreal in which a homeowner took it upon himself to kill multiple squirrels roaming on their property. The traps used in the killing are legal, however, the Montreal SPCA noted that just because … Continue reading

Wildlife Babies: What Happens to the Family?

This is the busiest time of year for wildlife companies because the mating season is just beginning, which means we have already started seeing baby raccoons and squirrels across Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control one … Continue reading

Wildlife Baby Season is Here

The first raccoon babies of 2015 have arrived, and they are glorious! These fuzzy, poorly-sighted babies were removed from a home in Port Dover on March 12. The early weeks of March are typically when we receive many calls from … Continue reading

Why Hire a Professional Mouse Removal Service

This video was shot by one of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control’s technicians during a mouse removal and it shows just how detailed you have to be to solve the problem. In this case, a pair of mouse droppings stuck to … Continue reading

The Importance of Insulation

Keep an eye on the snow on your roof This home is an example of a well-insulated attic. Soffit vents are ensuring proper airflow, and heat stays below the insulation with minimal escape. There is no ice damming occurring because … Continue reading