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Why Wildlife Loves Concrete Steps

Whether it is a mouse, a skunk, or a raccoon, the little critter walking by your house looking for a place to bed down has their little house-hunting wish list in hand, and concrete steps hit all the good points. … Continue reading

How Mice Keep Getting in Weep Holes

Believe it or not; the brick walls that make up our homes are actually built as two separate walls. There is a regular, run-of-the-mill interior wall, with drywall, vapour barrier, insulation and all the rest, and a separate wall of … Continue reading

Oakville Mouse Control

Mice are probably the most common household pest found inside Oakville homes. We get calls for mouse problems in all areas of town, from older neighbourhoods by the lake to new subdivisions north of the 407 and all points in … Continue reading

Burlington Fall Mouse Control

The weather has begun to turn and the fall season is once again upon us. For many Burlington homeowners fall marks the return of unwanted visitors they may have forgotten about during summer –mice! Every fall Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control … Continue reading