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What is raccoon roundworm and how can you protect yourself?

Raccoons might be viewed by some as cute and cuddly. However, their droppings can carry many different diseases, parasites and viruses. If you have raccoons living on your property the droppings could be harmful to you and your pets. Infections … Continue reading

What do raccoons sound like?

There are always different kinds of noises coming from the outdoors. It can be difficult to distinguish which species you’re dealing with, especially if it’s inside your house behind a wall or ceiling. They can all kind of sound the … Continue reading

What do raccoon tracks look like?

You may never have thought of yourself as a tracker but, sometimes it can be the best way to determine wildlife problems. But, first it’s important to know how to differentiate between the types of tracks left behind by the … Continue reading

Why raccoon traps fail

So, your trap has been sitting in your yard for days. No raccoons. Nothing caught. It’s just there going unused. Shouldn’t this have been easier? The truth is trapping isn’t always the most effective way of removing wildlife. It’s best … Continue reading

Trapping wildlife can spread disease

There are few ways for humans to stop animal diseases from spreading. In many cases it’s difficult to tell and keep track of infected wildlife. But, one thing we can do to limit the spread of disease is stop trapping … Continue reading