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10 new cases of raccoon rabies found in Hamilton

The number of raccoon rabies cases in Hamilton has nearly doubled since the start of January.  That brings the total number of cases found in Hamilton since December to 21. Haldimand County now has four cases. The latest cases, reported … Continue reading

Skunk Mating Habits

Skunk mating season stretches from February through the end of March, meaning residents may notice that familiar smell wafting through their neighborhoods, as well as increased sightings of skunks’ bushy black tails scurrying for cover. When February rolls around, males … Continue reading

Foxes spotted In Montreal

  A number of fox sightings in the in the NDG neighborhood of Montreal are raising questions about the safety of wild animals and humans living in close proximity to one another. Surprising, you say? It shouldn’t be. There’s more … Continue reading

What a mid-winter thaw means for wildlife in your neighbourhood

A mid-winter thaw or spell of relatively mild temperatures in the midst of a frigid winter is usually a welcome sight on any Canadian weather forecast. Most years you can usually count on a warm stretch around the end of … Continue reading

Rabies: Understanding the Rhabdovirus

With 15 confirmed cases of raccoon rabies in the Hamilton, ON and surrounding areas, and a case of arctic fox rabies in Perth, ON there has been a lot of discussion, concern and questions about the virus. Rhabdovirus AKA Rabies … Continue reading