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Raccoons are Smart – Making Your Home Vulnerable to Invasion

If you have ever had your garbage bin broken into by raccoons, even after several attempts to lock it up, you know how smart and persistent raccoons can be. It seems that the more obstacles you throw in their way, … Continue reading

Wildlife Babies are Showing Up In Strange Places

Don’t you hate going in for a routine oil change and end up getting a car full of squirrel babies? This was a case for a Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control’s customer this past Saturday! In our 29 years in business, … Continue reading

Rabies Cases Rise in Hamilton, 70 Animals Infected in Ontario

  The number of rabies cases in Hamilton continues to grow, prompting a warning from Public Health to steer clear of raccoons and skunks. The wildlife rabies is spreading to more skunks, the number of raccoons and skunks found with … Continue reading

The Problems Starling Present to Homes and Businesses

Starlings have become one of Canada’s most common birds. Male and female starlings look similar.  Both are glossy black with purplish and greenish iridescence on the head, back and breast. The European Starling has spread quickly through much of Canada and … Continue reading

How to Stop Squirrels Stealing From Your Bird Feeder

Squirrels spend a lot of time eating. They have a very fast metabolism and need a constant supply of foods high in fat for energy. Squirrels typically eat more than their body weight in food each week. Squirrels are opportunists. … Continue reading