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The First Wildlife Babies of the Year are Here!

  Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control found it’s first babies of the 2016 spring season today! We found babies in a beer cooler in Oakville and more babies in a Hamilton attic. On Saturday, March 12th, we discovered the first squirrel … Continue reading

What a Raccoon Diet Consists of

Raccoons, like humans are omnivores and have teeth designed to grind plants or tear meat. They are normally nocturnal, though they do sometimes come out in the daytime to search for food, especially in urban environments and on garbage days. … Continue reading

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Have a Raccoon as a Pet

Because raccoons are cute, smart and nearly everywhere these days, people often wonder if they would be good pets. The answer is no, for several reasons. It’s illegal: In Canada it is illegal to keep raccoons as pets, as they … Continue reading

How to Stop Skunks From living on Your Property

We have been experiencing a large number of calls from homeowners from Burlington to Montreal, experiencing skunks living on their property. With the recent news that the raccoon rabies virus in Hamilton has spread from raccoons to skunks, homeowners are … Continue reading

Female Squirrels and their Reproductive Phase

Because all squirrels are mammals, their reproductive behaviors are somewhat similar, but issues of gestation, litter size and mating can vary from species to species. The most common species Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control deals with is the Eastern Gray Squirrel. … Continue reading