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How do raccoons prepare for winter?

Raccoons will eat anything. An opportunistic diet means they can survive and prepare for winter by eating whatever they can find. When it’s cold they generally consume acorns, fruit and garbage. But, they will take advantage of any food source … Continue reading

Do bats hibernate?

Only if we could sleep through winter. That would be great. Miss the ice, cold and snow. No more driving in a winter storm. No more driveway shovelling. No more winter boots, coats and mitts. No more worries. Just a … Continue reading

Red squirrel nesting habits

The American red squirrel jumps gracefully from branch to branch. They run along the top of the fence. Leap to another tree. With their mouth full of seeds or nuts. Cheeks bulging out as it climbs. It drops the food. … Continue reading

When do bats give birth?

Bats, bats, bats. The sign something is haunted. A characteristic of something creepy. However, bats are incredibly important to reducing insect populations. We all hate mosquitoes. Big brown bats and little brown bats only give birth to one or two … Continue reading

8 signs you have squirrels in the attic

Squirrel damage is one of the worst for houses or buildings. The rodent constantly chews. A squirrel’s teeth are always growing so they need to chomp on hard objects to keep them sharp and trim. That’s why we see squirrels … Continue reading