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Are bats dangerous?

Bats can be scary. They’re associated with creepy images of haunted houses and graveyards. Being a nocturnal animal doesn’t help the argument against them being terrifying. Even though bats can be terrifying to some, are they dangerous? Bats rarely attack … Continue reading

How do bats survive hibernation?

As the weather gets cooler bats search for anywhere to roost. During the winter they cuddle together and hibernate in large numbers. Consistent temperatures are important for bats. Somewhere dry. Somewhere dark. Sounds a lot like your attic. Bats hibernate … Continue reading

Common Ontario mouse species

This is the most commonly spotted type of mouse. They’re active all year round so you’re most likely to spot a house mouse in your home. Generally, they range between 70-95mm in length with a tail just as long. Their … Continue reading

House mouse breeding cycle

At the end of summer, mice look for warm places to build a winter nest. They flock from gardens, fields or wooded areas to seek shelter and regular food sources. An unclean home can attract mice to your property as … Continue reading

Raccoons under your deck

For the most part humans and raccoons live in harmony. Raccoons generally have five or six den sites in a residential area. They have adapted to living in more urban and suburban settings. At any given time you can bet … Continue reading