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Protect your roof with a fall eaves trough cleaning

Water is the arch enemy of your home. Dampened wood can lead to rot or mold. Also, it can create a softened area for wildlife to gain entry. As we move into fall it’s a good idea to do some … Continue reading

Raccoon rabies in Quebec

Rabies quickly spreads throughout mammals. It’s transmitted through contact with an infected animal’s saliva. This can happen when the skin is broken by a bite or saliva gets into your body other ways. Quebec are trying to keep the province … Continue reading

Fall is a Busy Time for the Animals in your Neighbourhood

As we begin to reach for our hats and sweaters, raccoons, squirrels and mice are hard at work preparing for winter. Shorter days and cooler temperatures help let animals know that food and shelter are soon to be in short … Continue reading

How to safely clean a raccoon latrine

Raccoons are very adaptable creatures. They can get into anywhere and eat anything. But, like any other living thing all that food has to eventually end up somewhere. Raccoon feces can be very dangerous to the air quality of your … Continue reading

How to stop mice from nesting in your BBQ

Rodents are very adaptable creatures. And when it comes to winter they’ll do anything to get out the cold. Regular food sources can attract mice from near and far. To coexist with humans mice developed unique skills to cope with … Continue reading