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When do raccoon babies leave their mother?

Some species stick with their mothers forever. Raccoons will never have 30-year-old children living in their basement eating all their food. Typically raccoon babies are on their own within the first year. But, there’s a lot to learn before young … Continue reading

The difference between gray and black squirrels

Gray Squirrels Native to eastern and Midwestern United States and southern eastern Canada the gray squirrel is a scatter-hoarder. So, it hides numerous food sources in different locations or caches. Every squirrel makes thousands of caches each season. Gray squirrels … Continue reading

How raccoons in your attic can increase your heating bill

Bills are the last thing we want to see increase. They’re too expensive already. But, low insulation or wildlife damage can affect your home’s heating bills. Warm air easily finding its way out of your attic will cost you money. … Continue reading

How mouse poisons work and why they don’t solve infestations

Spot a mouse. Grab the poison. These are our first thoughts at the discovery of infestation. Although poison is deadly, there’s no way you can kill every rodent. Also, who knows what’s actually in these things. What are the different … Continue reading

How to protect bulbs from squirrels

Autumn is time to start planting bulbs for next spring. It’s best to begin by getting them in the ground before first frost. They’re available in many different garden centres and stores. Always plant them soon after buying. Hopefully next … Continue reading