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Rabid bat discovered in Woodstock

Rabies in Ontario is starting to get out of control. There have been 128 proven cases of the virus since December 2015. Found in raccoons, bats and skunks. Keep away from wildlife. You never know when they’ll bite. Rabies can … Continue reading

Kitchener passes by-law against feeding wildlife

Having wildlife in your yard helps to make it a more natural environment. It’s fun to watch them run and play but, they can also quickly become a nuisance to you and your neighbours. Kitchener recently passed a by-law to … Continue reading

Is wildlife control licensed in Ontario?

Living with wildlife inside your home can be stressful. It can also be difficult to decide which wildlife control service to hire. Most homeowners don’t have experience dealing with wildlife so it’s crucial to find someone you trust. But, this … Continue reading

How do raccoons get on your roof?

Raccoons can pretty much climb anything. They’re strength and dexterous paws allow them scale trees and structures with ease. They also have the ability to descend head first by rotating their back feet 180 degrees. Your roof is a vulnerable … Continue reading

How mice have developed a resistance to warfarin based poison

You’re using different rodent poisons, but noticing it’s doing nothing to reduce mouse activity inside your home. Well mice are advanced creatures adapting to different and new environments. They’ve become used to coexisting with people and the dangers that can … Continue reading