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Humane Wildlife Control: Effective Squirrel Removal Techniques

There are many pests that often enter the home, such as mice, bats or squirrels. Each of these animals can be removed in a humane way as to not eradicate the population. Take for example squirrels. Squirrels are small animals … Continue reading

Methods to Prevent Raccoons in Your Attic

The attic is usually an unused space in the home, an area where items are stored or basically the upper portion of the home where insulation and HVAC components reside. While you may never think about even going up in … Continue reading

Mice Extermination Solutions

Before mice removal services can be provided, the home must be evaluated to see if you actually have a mice problem. Of course if you have seen mice in the home, then you know that they are present. When contacting … Continue reading

Signs That You Should Call a Mice Removal Service

Mice appear to be cute creatures but most homeowners do not want them taking up residency inside their home. Yet, mice still do! Mice are one of the most common creatures to enter the home and in most cases, the … Continue reading

Tips on how to deal with a raccoon infestation

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures that look cute and cuddly but are sneaky and sometimes dangerous. Raccoons are not afraid to come close to your home and can oftentimes be seen sorting through outdoor garbage cans for food. It is not … Continue reading