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Where are they hiding? Why you should contact Wildlife Control

When you purchase a new home, you don’t expect to share it with anyone else. However, new homeowners often find out rather quickly that critters like to take up residency in comfy homes, living in attic and crawl spaces, walls … Continue reading

Which Birds are Likely to Nest in your Roof this Spring

One of the most common signs of spring that everyone recognizes is the sound of birds chirping. In the spring, birds begin to come alive, chirping and building nests for their family as the temperatures begin to warm up. It … Continue reading

5 Facts about Rabies You Should Know

Rabies is a disease that brings to mind foaming at the mouth and rabid dogs. Rabies can be transferred to pets as well as humans from an infected animal such as a bat or raccoon. The disease is fatal and … Continue reading

5 Things to Toss from your Garage to Prevent a possible Mice invasion

Most home’s today have a garage available for the homeowner to use in order to store vehicles or seasonal items. While a garage is very handy for the homeowner, it can be a breeding ground for mice. Mice tend to … Continue reading

Are Raccoons a Nuisance? When to hire a raccoon removal service

If you have ever had a raccoon gain entry into your home, then you know just how much of a nuisance they can be. Raccoons commonly visit neighborhoods  to eat out of trash cans and basically wreak havoc. Raccoons use … Continue reading