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Signs you still have mice

For a homeowner mice are always a concern. They can be a costly annoyance. Not only because of the damage they cause, but removal as well. This is especially true if you have to call a professional wildlife service to … Continue reading

Rat Bite Fever

Urban areas are known for dense populations of rats. We just never really see them. They’re nocturnal and good at hiding. Don’t be fooled if you only spot one. There’s always more. Rats are looking for places to nest and … Continue reading

7 Facts about the backyard squirrel that may surprise you

Squirrels are tiny woodland creatures that we all recognize as they live in neighborhoods, moving from tree to tree in search of food. While most people think they may never interact with squirrels personally, the animal actually likes to take … Continue reading

Am I attracting Squirrels to my home with bird feeders?

Squirrels may seem cute but they are actually pests that can ravage the home. Squirrels can easily squeeze into tight spaces and often call the attics of homes their own. There are certain aspects of a home that call out … Continue reading

Are Starlings Protected Birds?

When it comes to birds in the United States and Canada, you might find it interesting to know that several bird species are protected due to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. The statue was created years ago and … Continue reading