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How common is rat bite fever?

Most homeowners want nothing to do with rats so when one is spotted in the home, wildlife removal services are contacted immediately. Not only will rats eat your food and chew up items in your home, they can also carry … Continue reading

Pigeon’s vs Starlings: Which one is in my attic?

Pigeons and Starlings are common birds that find their way into attics of homes. It is not uncommon for a homeowner to hear chirping or wings fluttering in the attic, which can indicate a bird is present. But which bird … Continue reading

Some signs you may have a rat or mouse infestation

Rats and mice are common rodents that seek solace in homes across the globe. The creatures often move into a home due to a continuous food source, to keep warm or to avoid any predators. When rats or mice enter … Continue reading

What happens to the animals once Wildlife Control removes them from your home?

When an animal enters the home uninvited, the homeowner wants instant removal. Whether you have a raccoon or squirrel living in your attic or mice in the walls, you want to see these uninvited guests removed quickly. With wildlife control … Continue reading

Which birds can actually control garden pests?

Birds are known for eating insects year round, so if you have a garden you can most certainly benefit from having birds in your vicinity. But which birds will provide you with pest control and which birds are actually pests? … Continue reading