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Is it a Mouse or Rat problem? How to get rid of rodents in your home

Rodents are never a welcome sight in the home. Every homeowner will encounter a mouse or rat from time to time and will need to begin rodent control to remove the pests. As well as ensure that the same creature … Continue reading

Keeping Skunks Out of the Garden

When it comes to starting a garden, homeowners are instantly looking forward to a bountiful harvest. From tomatoes and cucumbers to lettuce and carrots, a garden can be a great way to grow fresh vegetables during the summer months. However, … Continue reading

Removing Squirrels From Your Attic

When it comes to your attic space, you most likely don’t spend much time thinking about what’s up there. While out of sight and out of mind, unwanted intruders such as squirrels might want to use your attic as their … Continue reading

Summer Pest Control: Who To Call When you have a Rodent Problem!

The summer months are a time when homeowners want to enjoy their home. We take time off from work to host barbeques and enjoy time with family and friends. What we don’t want to deal with is pest control. However, … Continue reading

Summer Pests at Home or at the Cottage: How to Protect Yourself

Whether you are a just a homeowner or own a vacation home as well, you want your summer oasis to be free of pests. With regular pest control methods, you can ensure that your home or cottage will not be … Continue reading