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Birds are so Messy: Removal Methods to Keep Them From Coming Back!

Birds are beautiful creatures that we love to admire from afar as they fly through the air. Birds such as starlings, sparrows and pigeons are common in neighbourhoods and often build their nests in trees near homes, so we can … Continue reading

Busting the Myth: Are Mice traps and poison effective rodent control?

As the homeowner, once you discover a mouse problem in your home, your first thought may be to place traps and poison in the home. An exterminator may be called or DIY methods used to kill these small creatures. While … Continue reading

Hearing some strange sounds coming from your attic? It may be a raccoon family

Have you begun to hear strange sounds in the attic area of your home? Does it sound like walking or scratching? If so, you might have a raccoon problem. Raccoon removal services are a common need for homeowners as raccoons … Continue reading

Help! How do I remove these rodents from my home?

Mice are creatures from the rodent family who enter the home via small holes and cracks, quickly multiplying due to their high rate of reproduction. You can easily see your home overrun with mice, as a small problem can go … Continue reading

Is it possible to co-exist with skunks?

Co-existing with wildlife should be easy. For thousands of years, we have lived alongside various creatures, maintaining some type of harmony. However, there are some creatures that humans just want to avoid, one being the skunk. Homeowners hope to never … Continue reading