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Keep Those Rodents Away from my Home

Once mice take over your home, it can be a difficult problem to solve. Mice are persistent and able to adapt to different situations, creating constant problems for homeowners. It is best to learn how to prevent mice from entering … Continue reading

Keep those squirrels away from my house

Most homeowners purchase a home in the hopes of sharing it with family and friends, not wild creatures. However, once you become a homeowner, you soon realize that sometimes pesky creatures like to gain access to your home, trying to … Continue reading

No one’s favourite critter: skunks in Ontario

When the word skunk comes to mind, most people think instantly of the black and white creature and its stinky smell. The skunk is a familiar creature to residents in Ontario as the animal is commonly seen in neighbourhood yards … Continue reading

Seriously Squirrels! Why do you keep hiding in my attic?

Squirrels are small creatures that commonly gain entry into the home and move-in uninvited. Squirrels normally live in trees and collect their nuts for winter, but are often times enticed by the cozy space in the attic of your home. … Continue reading

These Squirrels are too smart for my DIY deterrent methods

One of the hardest animals to remove from your home is a squirrel. Squirrels are known as wiry creatures that move quickly and are hard to catch. Squirrels pose a challenge to homeowners once found in the home as they … Continue reading