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A Skunk Sprayed my dog!

Dogs are friendly and curious creatures that often get themselves into to tricky situations. Dogs like to make friends and when they see a skunk, they don’t always know to beware! It is not uncommon for household pets like dogs … Continue reading

Are Bats hibernating in my attic through winter?

Hibernation. Oh, what a lovely thought! Wouldn’t we all love to be able to go to sleep for an extended period of time, waking up fully rested and alert to warm weather? Unfortunately for humans, we do not have the … Continue reading

Bat Watch in Ontario

Bats are a common creature found in Ontario, usually living in mines or caves. However, they often find solace in homes, setting up their living areas in attic spaces and wall voids. As a homeowner in Ontario, it is important … Continue reading

Clever Raccoons Keep Trashing my Trash!

Have you ever woken up in the morning to find your outside garbage cans are tipped over and appear to be rummaged through? You clean up the mess and wonder what animal made the mess. You wake up again the … Continue reading

How to get the raccoons under my deck out!

Raccoons are wild creatures known to venture out during the nighttime hours to forage for food. Raccoons often create dens in attics but during the warmer parts of the year they will call decks or sheds their own. When a … Continue reading