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Being Proactive Will Help Keep Those Birds Away

While birds are beautiful creatures to watch in flight, they can wreak havoc on the home. Birds like pigeons, starlings, and swallows like to use homes as their own, creating nests in attic spaces, along the roof, and in vent … Continue reading

Protecting Your Commercial Property From the Birds!

Whether you are the owner of a commercial building or a manager of one, you know how birds can be a pesky problem. Nesting and roosting birds can cause damage to the roof as well as cause fires within electrical … Continue reading

Fall is Here: Squirrels are going ‘Nuts’

If you pay attention to the local wildlife near your home in the fall, you might notice that squirrels are going a little nuts. The furry creatures tend to ramp up their activity level in the fall as this is … Continue reading

How to Prevent Conflicts with Canada Geese

Canada geese are well known for their distinctive honk and the sight of them flying overhead in their quintessential ‘V’ formation.  The bird has grown into somewhat of a national symbol but they’re not necessarily beloved by everyone. Aggressive behaviour … Continue reading