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Raccoons Love Your Attic! Raccoon Removal Expert Tips

Raccoon removal services are often needed during the fall and winter months as they seek comfort and safety in the attic spaces of homes. Raccoons often set up their den in an attic space as they are comfortable spaces that … Continue reading

Bird Problems? A Look Into some Humane Bird Exclusion Methods

Every year, homes and businesses become susceptible to damage due to bird infestations. Birds often use a home or business as their living quarters which can lead to costly property damage. On top of that, birds can pose health concerns … Continue reading

Mice Start To Move Inside When Fall Arrives

The fall season is signified by a number of factors, from the leaves changing colour to a drop in temperature. The season is also a time when critters decide to try and gain entry into your home to stay warm … Continue reading

Check Your Lawn for Rabbit Nests Before you Mow!

When you become a homeowner, no matter where you live, you begin to notice signs of wildlife around your property. You might see squirrels or birds around your property, even rabbits. It is fun to watch nature come alive, especially … Continue reading

Fall is a Busy Time for Wildlife!

Fall is a new beginning! Kids go back to school, we prep our homes for winter and dig out our warm clothing for the upcoming winter season. We all have our regular fall habits and so do animals. Mice, raccoons, … Continue reading