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Mice In The Home? Call The Experts At Skedaddle For Removal

When it comes to unwanted guests in people’s homes and on their properties, wildlife is certainly at the top of the list. Mice, along with many other animals and insects, try to escape cold weather by seeking shelter and warmth. …Continue reading

Humane Tips & Rules To Follow When Trapping Wildlife

Wildlife control is something countless homeowners throughout Canada have to face all year round. When dealing with an infestation, your first instinct will likely be to get the critters out before they cause damage and put your health at risk. …Continue reading

Skedaddle Offers Winter Preparation Tips To Keep Wildlife Out Of Your Home

Fall is the time of year when when the leaves fall and the days get short. Wildlife seek out warmer places to escape the cold, mate and nest in order to survive the long winter ahead. However, many animals find …Continue reading

Why Call A Professional For Wildlife Removal?

There are many good reasons to DIY some projects around your home. Two of the most common ones are that it’s probably cheaper and it feels rewarding to accomplish something by yourself. However, when it comes to animal removal, it’s …Continue reading

Where Does All The Wildlife Go For Winter? Do You Need Help With Animal Removal?

Many species of urban wildlife that plague people’s homes and properties behave differently during winter than other times of year. Some species hibernate or migrate away for the winter, making this season of the year calmer for homeowners however, this …Continue reading