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Squirrels: Important Matters that You Need to Know

Positioned among the favoured animal in the wildlife, squirrels are deemed cute by many, even if they are also considered a nuisance. These furry little acrobatic experts are known for the expert climbing and leaping prowess. Admittedly, it is a … Continue reading

Expert Bat Exclusion: Avoiding DIY Mistakes

If you are not a fan of bats and in fact, you fear them or find them unsightly, then you may be at your wits end if you find yourself contending with one of these flying mammals in your home. … Continue reading

Etobicoke Wildlife Control: Expert Clean-up

Torn curtains, chewed wires, animal droppings and gnawed furniture are all signs of uninvited guests in your home. We all know that ideally wildlife belongs in the wild but with their natural habitat becoming smaller, more and more animals are … Continue reading

Green Bins Attracting More Raccoons

Newer green bins are designed to keep raccoons away from domestic waste. The goal is to prevent the raccoons from being drawn into peoples properties or homes and eliminating the mess they create in the process. But less than ideal … Continue reading

Keeping Mice Problems under Control this Winter

Beware! The mice are moving in. With temperatures dropping around the country, mice and other rodents are looking for cozy places to spend the winter. If you think you’re seeing more mouse activity in your house it is not your … Continue reading