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Hitchhiking Raccoons Can Bring Rabies To Ontario

Raccoons are incredibly smart critters that rarely encounter obstacles in nature they are unable to overcome. Because of their adaptability, their existence alongside humans has made them capable of living in even the most urban of areas. At times, their … Continue reading

A Bird’s Diet Can Be Linked To Bird Control On Your Property

While birds are very important for the ecosystem, there are situations in which they become extremely troublesome. One such situation is when their feeding and nesting activities cause them to nest and congregate around buildings. Damaging lawns, crops, gardens, creating … Continue reading

Endangered Bats in Ontario: Quick Tips for Removal

As a homeowner, if you have bats in your attic, you may wonder how you can remove them humanely. There are certain laws and regulations that may be applicable, especially in Ontario, with regards to bats, and how you can … Continue reading

Clever Raccoons Finding New Food Sources

For some residents of Canada, raccoons are unfortunately a very real problem. So much so that some municipalities have begun to issue raccoon-proof green bins to citizens.  The City of Toronto is at the forefront of this effort and it … Continue reading

Raccoons Are Not True Hibernators And Winter Removal May Be Needed

Raccoons can be pesky animals that cause damage to properties. They are generally regarded as intelligent and adaptable animals, and as such, raccoon removal is something many homeowners are forced to engage in throughout the year. They are very intelligent … Continue reading