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Squirrel Deterrent Tips This Spring For Your Backyard

Despite being very cute when they hold a piece of food in their little paws and nibble at it, squirrels are equally considered pests in the city, suburbs and the country. Squirrels have adapted well to city life and can … Continue reading

Springtime In Mississauga: What Animal Could Be In Your Attic?

Wildlife activity during winter slows down significantly, much like that of humans. Skunks, squirrels, and raccoons spend significantly more time inactive in their nests and dens during freezing cold weather. But, as soon as a warmer period in the middle … Continue reading

Bats And Rabies: Facts Vs Myths

When dealing with bats in your home or on your property, always keep in mind that professional bat removal services for your Milwaukee home are the best way to handle the situation. Bats have a bad reputation because they are … Continue reading

Why Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control Should Be Your First Call for Animal Removal

Unwanted stress, physical and structural damage, as well as health hazards, are all part of having to deal with a wildlife infestation. Regardless of the species that has decided to make your home their own, one thing is certain: you … Continue reading

Spring Season Wild Animal Removal

Many homeowners throughout Canada see spring as a welcome opportunity to enjoy the warmer weather by spending more time outside. However, this is also true of many species of urban wildlife that exist in countless communities. Spring is the mating … Continue reading