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Live in Milwaukee? Invest in Mice Removal

According to a recent study, Milwaukee is among the top 25 rat infested cities in the United States. This is troublesome for many Milwaukee homeowners who are struggling with infestations every summer when rat and mice activity reaches its peak. … Continue reading

Rat Poison Is Not The Answer To Control The Rat Population

There are many different ways to deal with a wildlife infestation. The most important consideration during every single wildlife removal process is a humane approach. This means poisons are NOT the way to go, as they can cause terrible consequences … Continue reading

Bird Droppings Causing Problems? How To Get Back In Control

A flock of birds can become incredibly messy. If you have ever parked your car below a flock of birds or have had them around your property for a period of time, you’re aware of this. Even though birds are … Continue reading

How Did These Mice Get In There? Tips To Remove Them For Good

When it comes to the typical hiding places of rodents, everybody already knows about areas like attics, crawl spaces, and kitchen cabinets. As for rats, they feel right at home at subways, sewers and back alley garbage cans. But, you’d … Continue reading

Part 1: 5 Facts About The Raccoon You May Not Have Known

Despite the fact that some find them adorable, raccoons can cause plenty of headaches for homeowners. This is especially true if raccoons make a home inside your house for winter. Raccoon removal is often the only option for many homeowners … Continue reading