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Summer Animal Control: Raccoon Proof Your Garbage Cans

Waking up in the morning only to find your trash bin knocked over and its contents scattered all over your yard can be frustrating. What’s more frustrating? Waking up to that scene one morning after the other. If this is … Continue reading

Remove Those Squirrels From Your Home For Good

While squirrels are critters that usually enjoy making a home in an urban setting like Milwaukee, they tend to take up residency in neighborhoods filled with trees. They are easily recognizable creatures that homeowners see each day. While it may … Continue reading

What To Do If Squirrels Find Their Way Into Your Car Engine

If you happen to see a squirrel going into the engine bay of your car, there is a great chance that you’re witnessing a mother squirrel looking for a safe place to nest. The last thing you want to do … Continue reading

Mice Control And Tell Tale Signs To Look For

Mice are found all over the world, living and thriving alongside humans for centuries. They have typically represented a source of discomfort and stress for many humans, and the situation has not changed. A particular reason why they are so … Continue reading

Summer Bird Problems: Stop Birds From Flying Into Windows

Invisibility might be a trait most humans think is pretty cool, but that is not the case for birds. In fact, glass windows are worse than invisible for birds. They end up looking like inviting places to fly into because … Continue reading