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How To Stop Skunks From Occupying Your Garden This Summer

Skunks are very cute and cuddly when they are babies. They are also notoriously smelly, as they have a unique defense mechanism that has earned them a notorious reputation. Skunks also have a habit of plaguing homeowners in urban environments …Continue reading

Humane Raccoon Removal In Milwaukee

While it may be nice to see a raccoon on television and admire its masked face and furry appearance, you need to be aware that these critters can be very damaging to homes and properties. They are highly intelligent and …Continue reading

Animal Removal Dilemma: Pest Birds And Health Issues

When one thinks of birds, the first things that come to mind are typically feelings of freedom and the notion of flight, but it’s another story if they decide to live inside your house . Many birds can be a …Continue reading

How To Prevent Squirrels From Living In Your Attic

The natural habitat of squirrels traditionally includes densely forested areas with high amounts of nut and acorn producing trees like oaks, pines and walnuts. Mixed, mature forests with continuous and thick canopies provide the ideal environment for squirrels to forage, …Continue reading

Discover More About The Bats Of Milwaukee

Bats are among the type of animals that not many people know much about. They are shrouded in mystery for the most part and are often perceived as dangerous animals. But, bats actually serve an important purpose in almost every …Continue reading