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Rat Issues in the City: A Concern That Needs Urgent Attention

Rats are furry critters that are highly adaptable and resilient. Canada is home to a number of cities that have extreme rat problems. Southern Ontario has several cities in the top ten rat filled cities in Ontario, which makes animal … Continue reading

Bats In Your Attic! Contact The Experts For Removal

Contrary to popular belief, bats are very useful in an ecosystem and are good to have around when it comes to insect problems. But, they can also pose a nuisance if an infestation occurs in your home or on your … Continue reading

Bats Inside The House? This Is Common During Summer

Bats are not only an important part of the ecosystem and environment, but they are also an incredibly unique wildlife species. They often become a problem for homeowners though, when they decide to roost or build a nursing colony in … Continue reading