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Exploring The World Of Pigeons

Pigeons are birds that are present throughout the world in a variety of different settings and environments. While pigeons can play an important role in an ecosystem, they are most often viewed by humans as nuisance birds. Although pigeons are … Continue reading

Mouse Problems? Don’t Delay To Get Rid Of Them

Mice are often perceived as adorable, cute and cuddly critters. The reality is that they can be very dangerous to humans for a number of different reasons. Health hazards are the number one cause for getting rid of mice from … Continue reading

Bat-Proof Your House This Summer In Easy Steps

When it comes to the most misunderstood animals in Milwaukee, bats rank pretty high. The truth is, they are important creatures that help control insects significantly throughout various ecosystems. They pose certain problems for homeowners at times as they invade … Continue reading

Why You Need Experts To Properly Get Rid Of Skunks

Skunks are fuzzy-looking, adorable critters. But, their appearance has nothing to do with the problems they can create for homeowners by invading their properties. They like to make their dens in holes underground as they are excellent diggers. If you … Continue reading

Summer Animal Control Do’s And Don’ts

Backyard barbecues, splashing around in the pool and fun in the sun are all integral activities of enjoying a warm and gorgeous summer in Milwaukee. But, summer also invites a whole lot of pests into your yard and home, including … Continue reading