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How to Handle Bats in Your Home This Fall

Though discovering a bat in your home might appear frightening, you don’t have to be afraid. The bat is more afraid of the situation than you are and the chance they will bite you is very low.  Bats in a … Continue reading

Bat Removal in Milwaukee is Important for Many Reasons

Bats are naturally weary towards people and won’t attack unless they feel threatened, therefore the likelihood of being bitten by bat is extremely low. That’s not a reason to go handling bats with your bare hands. In the article we … Continue reading

Facts About Bats In Canada That May Surprise You

Bats are some of the most feared critters for homeowners throughout the country. Just the thought of bats flying around inside the house is enough to send people into a panic, but there are many incredible facts about bats that … Continue reading

How To Control Mice This Summer Without Breaking The Bank

Dealing with a mouse infestation in your home or property is a source of stress. But living with a rat infestation is equally if not more stressful and troublesome. Rats are larger, scarier and a able to cause damage more … Continue reading

How To Maintain Control And Coexist With Wildlife Animals

The phenomenon of wild animals adapting to and benefiting from urban living in an issue for most Canadian municipalities. While raccoons may be the wild creature that most urban dwellers are familiar with, they are not alone. Squirrels, deer, striped … Continue reading