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How Do Squirrels Survive the Extreme Winter Cold?

Winter is a tough period for plant and animal life alike. The season comes with unbearably low temperatures and a scarcity of food – a deadly combination for many living things. So just how do Canada’s squirrels make it through … Continue reading

Keep Squirrels Away From Your Shed This Fall

When you first thought of a shed, chances are you never intended to house wildlife critters such as squirrels. But they came anyway, didn’t they? If you own a shed then wildlife invasion inevitably becomes a part of your life. … Continue reading

The Bats of Ontario

The wildlife spotlight is on Ontario’s bats since they are likely to be facing a formidable foe in the form of the white nose syndrome. Those who are fearful of these critters often wonder what’s so special about them anyway. … Continue reading

Key to a Raccoon’s Success: Opposable Thumbs?

Why are raccoons able to thrive so well in so many varying environments? Is it their opposable thumbs? What makes their behaviour so human-like? Questions like these are frequently answered by experts like those at Skedaddle who, of course, are … Continue reading

The Life Cycle of Raccoons

Raccoons are ingenious animals with a propensity for leaving human beings speechless by their very uncanny behavior. These wildlife creatures have had a tempestuous relationship with human beings over the centuries and the relationship has become even more volatile in … Continue reading