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Skedaddle Answers The Question: Why Don’t You Just Kill the Raccoons?

With over 100,000 masked bandits scampering through the streets of Toronto it is undeniable that the city has a raccoon problem. Raccoons can be pesky little critters, creating massive messes for homeowners to clean up and posing health risks wherever … Continue reading

How Raccoons Survive Winter

Winter is a time of hardship for many wildlife species. It brings food scarcity and challenging climate that creates a need for refuge. One particular species of wild animal, raccoons, have perfected the art of surviving this difficult season.  The … Continue reading

Safe Driving Could Save You and Wild Animals

Too many animals meet their demise on the world’s streets. How can drivers in Canada help to reduce the damage being done to the world’s wildlife population? These accidents pose a threat to both people and wildlife. But there is … Continue reading

Animals in the Wild: Coyote Population Growing in Ontario

Residents in Ontario’s cities have become alarmed in the last few months as coyotes have been making their appearance in territories they’ve never been seen in before. Today’s Adaptable Wildlife Coyotes, like many other modern wildlife species are becoming more … Continue reading

Common Mistakes Made by DIY Animal Control

No one wants to share their home with wildlife invaders. The risks are many ranging from the inconvenience and embarrassment of their presence in sight and smell to the health risks faced when they transmit diseases to human beings. So, … Continue reading