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Staying Safe while Sharing the Roads with Wildlife

Although we are often oblivious to it, human beings share planet earth with many other life forms. Sadly the earth’s wildlife species are often victims of man’s actions. The damage is greater when there is a conflict between animals and …Continue reading

Reasons Why DIY Wildlife Control Usually Doesn’t Work

Trying to handle a wildlife problem in your home on your own may not be the best answer. Many people try DIY strategies or techniques when dealing with an animal infestation. Unfortunately this is not the right approach for several …Continue reading

Dealing with Mice Problems before Buying a Home in Milwaukee

Buying your dream home is, well quite frankly, everyone’s dream. You want your new home to tick as many boxes on your wish list as possible. What you don’t want are unwelcome, and unseen, house guests. You don’t want mice …Continue reading

Squirrels problems! Why you Need Expert Removal

Squirrels are adored by many people around the world. Their cute little faces and fluffy tails have a way of making people smile. Despite the high volume of squirrel love out there in the world, these little animals are still …Continue reading

Pesticides, Health, and Why You Should Opt for Humane Wildlife Control

When you’ve got a raccoon or some other animal scurrying around your home in Rexdale the first thing on your mind is removal right? It is true that many of us never give a second thought to the how or …Continue reading