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Raccoons May Be Nature’s Globetrotters

Raccoons are present in so many different countries and continue to thrive where other animals are challenged to do so, mostly because they rank among nature’s most extreme survivalists. Given the effort that the animals put into defeating the odds … Continue reading

Bats in Milwaukee: Learning More About These Animals

When people think of bats, they imagine them in big caves or forests. However, bats are becoming a common problem in the metropolitan areas of Wisconsin. People have reported them in all types of buildings from homes to offices, even … Continue reading

Removing Raccoons From Your Home in Winter

As winter takes hold, it’s not just people who look for warm, comfy places to seek shelter in, so do many small animals. Raccoons are among those looking for a suitable place to den. Contrary to popular belief, these masked … Continue reading

Raccoons Seek Shelter in Empty Buildings During Winter

Raccoons are known worldwide for their uncanny behaviour as well as the destruction they can cause when they get loose in human territory. Once you live in an area that serves as a habitat for these animals, you are sure … Continue reading

Keeping Mice Problems in the Garage Under Control

Mice just love the garages. They even seem to be naturally attracted to them. And it’s no wonder – garages offer a warm shelter and are pretty easy to enter. Garages are often unfinished and not so well protected against … Continue reading