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Skedaddles 3 Steps to Properly Remove Raccoons from a Home

Raccoons sometimes referred to as masked bandits because of their distinctive facial markings, are fascinating animals. They are admired by many for their intelligence and ingenuity but these traits also get them into endless trouble and can make them highly … Continue reading

Surprising Facts About Bats in Winter from the Experts

We have them to thank for much of the lush greenery that we enjoy as they fly over the land depositing seeds that germinate into plant life. They keep the insect population in check as each bat consumes up to … Continue reading

Learn more about Raccoons in Milwaukee

Raccoons and humans have been sharing urban areas more and more these days due to rapid development. But while most animals would not fare so well in the presence of people, raccoons have surprisingly thrived in these conditions. We are … Continue reading

The Dangers of DIY Wildlife Control

Most urban dwelling wildlife is cunning, clever and well adapted to living amongst humans. They have mastered the art of breaking and entering, and know just how to sneak into your home to find food and shelter. Keeping these unwanted … Continue reading

Want to Know if Your Chimney is Safe from Birds? Wildlife Control Experts Can Help

Chimneys are dormant for most of the year but when winter comes around they come to life, providing warmth for the entire family. But as you prepare to cozy up with your loved ones and enjoy a relaxing winter evening, … Continue reading