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Keep Mice Out of Your HVAC System with Simple Removal Tips

Just like all other rodents, mice will try to make their way into your home in any way possible. Of course, you are already familiar with how destructive they can be, so it would be better to do anything you … Continue reading

Etobicoke Wildlife: Identifying a Skunks Den on Your Property

It is never a pleasant experience when you run into a skunk and it can be even more terrifying if you get sprayed. The obnoxious chemicals will set your eyes and nose on fire and on top of that, you’ll … Continue reading

Proper Humane Raccoon Removal in Winter

Although it is winter time, it does not mean that wildlife in the area is inactive; quite the contrary, in fact. This is the time of year when critters are looking for a safe place to stay and bring their … Continue reading

Effective Mice Removal For Your Houston Home

Hurricane Harvey has had many negative consequences for Houston residents, but there were also a few unexpected ones. Among these, an explosion in rodent activity in the Houston area was particularly noticeable. According to research, rodent activity and populations following … Continue reading

How We Can Help with Raccoon Removal for Your Oshawa Business

If you have noticed scratching or scraping noises in your business, it is possible that they are coming from a raccoon. You should immediately check whether there are any and if this is the case, you need to start thinking … Continue reading