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Best Hiking Trails to Explore Wildlife in Houston

  This planet we call home has a plethora of natural gems that we admire. Included in these are the many species of wildlife animals that share the planet with us. Unfortunately, we also misunderstand too many of these animals …Continue reading

Squirrels Causing Problems with Etobicoke Power Lines

  What goes through your mind when your electricity goes out?  Maybe you wonder how your appliances will be affected. If it happens at night, maybe you’ll have some safety concerns. If you’re like many other Etobicoke residents, after a …Continue reading

Bowmanville Animal Control: Disturbing Rat Problems Need to be Addressed

  Rats have been companions (albeit uninvited and unwanted) of human beings for centuries. And their presence has always carried negative implications… with good reason of course. Who can forget the infamous Bubonic Plague, a rat related ailment that nearly …Continue reading

Bats Carry Diseases but Don’t get Sick? Why?

  Bats have a reputation for being carriers of various diseases but have you ever wondered why they themselves do not fall victims to the diseases they carry? It seems they are designed as nature’s perfect couriers to be effective …Continue reading

Houston Wildlife Removal – Rats in my BBQ

  Very few things can compare to the calm and relaxing feeling you get from an outdoor barbecue or grilling experience. Grilling events in the backyard also serve as ideal bonding moments for family members and friends. But the experience …Continue reading