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The Dangers of Squirrels Living in the Attic

There are many reasons why you would prefer to have squirrels on the outside of your home rather than the inside. Two major ones are the financial and health consequences they pose to the home and residents. And while you … Continue reading

Humane Raccoon Removal Key to Coexistence

Animals like raccoons have found themselves in deeper and more frequent conflicts with the human way of life recently. A thorough examination of the situation will reveal that humane raccoon removal may really be the key to coexistence between people … Continue reading

Are Trail Cams Good for Animal Control?

If you live in Milwaukee then chances are you’ve dealt with or are about to deal with wildlife animal intrusion in your home. It can be difficult to pin down exactly what is taking place inside or outside your door. … Continue reading

Protecting Ontario’s Little Brown Bat Through Bat Exclusion

Ontario’s Little Brown Bat, like many other bat species in Ontario, is facing a formidable foe.  This foe is the double-headed monster with the disease on one side and wind turbines on the other. The result has been a progressively … Continue reading

Protecting Wildlife Babies with Humane Removal and Exclusion

If you live in an area that is shared with wildlife, chances are you have or will face intrusion in your home as the animals try to survive alongside human beings. Often, these animals will take shelter in your home … Continue reading