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Whitby Wildlife Prevention: Do Baby Skunks Spray?

  Meeting a baby skunk is sure to tug at your heartstrings. They are so tiny and cute and helpless that you will simply melt at the sight of them. But if you’ve ever experienced the full force of the … Continue reading

Skedaddle Pickering: Bats Testing Positive for Rabies

  Rabies is a real and very serious threat in wildlife and urban environments. And sadly for bats, despite their majestic nature and significant contribution to environmental stability, are carriers of this disease. When you consider the gravity of the … Continue reading

Rexdale Wildlife Services: Expert Humane Raccoon Removal is Essential

  Cities like Rexdale are facing serious challenges of wildlife intrusion. Animals like raccoons are roaming cities in alarming numbers and ransacking every corner of the city in a bid to find food and shelter to survive. Take for example … Continue reading

Humane Wildlife Control: The Beauty of the Baby Box

  Baby animals are very cute and for the first few months of their lives, most baby mammals are totally reliant on their mothers. Understanding the relationship between mothers and babies and how the mother will react to her family … Continue reading

North York Humane Wildlife Control: Raccoons Have Superpowers

  Raccoons are pros at achieving feats that are out of the scope of most wildlife animals. They constantly come out victorious at the end of the challenges that are thrown their way. These stars of nature’s Mission Impossible series … Continue reading