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Winter Wildlife in North York: Raccoon Removal

While you’re enjoying the cozy atmosphere of your home, you might be wondering where all the wildlife is planning to spend this winter. For many raccoons out there, your house seems like a wonderful place to get comfortable in. That … Continue reading

4 Important Facts About the Little Brown Bats Role in the Ecosystem

Out of all the bat species that live in Canada, the little brown bat is probably the cutest and most well-known to people. Due to the clumsiness of these furry animals, close contact with humans occurs pretty often. That is … Continue reading

Winter is a Great Time to Build Your Bat Box for Spring

You might be asking yourself where all the wildlife disappears during winter time, and this is especially true for bats. This happens because, first, they look for a warm and safe place to protect themselves from harsh weather and, second, … Continue reading

Animal Control: Looking Closer at Skunk Behaviours

Maybe you are not fond of skunks – to be honest, few are – but this is not a good enough reason for you to not to be aware of their behaviour. By familiarizing yourself with them, you will be … Continue reading

Protecting Your Deck from Wildlife in Winter

When winter time comes, we all like to enjoy everything that comes with it – making a snowman, snowball fights, sledding, etc. At the same time, various issues may occur that can ruin your fun and pastime, like discovering that … Continue reading