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Milwaukee Animal Control: Why Proper Cleanup is Necessary

When wildlife animals invade your home, your first thought is to get them out. But did you know that your wildlife invasion problems are not solved by removal alone? Long after animals are out of your space you, your family, …Continue reading

Scarborough Wildlife: Feeding Birds in Winter

They are exciting to look at as they flutter around from various tree branches, roofs, and other lofty perches. Birds have been capturing the imaginations of people for generations. There are even entire organizations devoted to observing these animals. But …Continue reading

Woodlands Animal Control: What You Need To Know About The Raccoon

Texas is one of the most famous states in the U.S. often depicted and symbolized by cowboys; what is often overlooked about the Lonestar state is that it has a diverse ecosystem. From gators and snakes to squirrels and armadillos, …Continue reading

Think Squirrels are Just Pests? 5 Reasons Why You Should Love them!

They may be annoying and destructive when they get inside your home but with squirrels, there’s more than what meets the eye… and it’s not all bad at all. In fact, some of it is pretty awesome! Milwaukee residents are …Continue reading

Whitby Animal Control: The Dangers of Rat Poison

It’s hard to find a household in which rats are welcomed. Their presence in buildings is undesirable because of the health risks and physical damages associated with them. Below we discuss some reasons rat poison should not be the animal …Continue reading