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Humane Raccoon Removal – A Day in the Life of a Raccoon

  Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a raccoon? It’s not unusual for people who’ve had encounters with these cunning animals to have this thought. Sometimes the only way to truly understand the wildlife species we …Continue reading

Amazing Bat Colony Living Under Houston Bridge

  The Waugh Bridge as Buffalo Bayou Park was designed to facilitate human travel, but over time it has become much more than that. This is because the Waugh Bridge is also home to a colony of bats. The colony …Continue reading

Animal Removal: Raccoons Breaking into Homes?

Many incidents of raccoon intrusions have been reported in the mid-western US and more specifically in Wisconsin. Naturally, some of the questions on the minds of many concerned homeowners are, “Can raccoons break into people’s homes”? Why? and What can …Continue reading

Ajax Animal Control: Are Bats in Cities?

  Bats are commonly associated with dark caves, spooky woods and abandoned mine shafts, but as their natural habitat comes under increasing threat from human invasion, bats are finding new ways to survive in urban environments. And for homeowners in …Continue reading

Animal Control: Top 5 Signs a Skunk May Have Rabies

Wildlife animals are cute to observe… from a safe distance. But close interactions create the risk of harm coming to you or the animal, and possibly contracting parasites and diseases. Skunks are no different as they carry diseases such as …Continue reading