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Large Nests in your Trees? Those are from Squirrels!

  Is that a birds nest you spy in that tree on your property or is that the handy-work of a squirrel? This is a common question that follows after sighting a clump of leaves in a tree. Many people … Continue reading

Bowmanville Animal Control: How Protective are Squirrel Mothers?

  Mother squirrels go nuts when they sense that their babies are in danger. But how far will they go to protect their young? It may not be wise to try to find out by disturbing a nursing squirrel’s nest. … Continue reading

How You Can Help Scientists Track Wildlife

  Scientists around the world are trying to keep tabs on the wildlife population and they want you to help! They need to keep accurate records of the numbers and habits of wildlife species in Milwaukee. This information helps them … Continue reading

What is a Hitchhiking Raccoon? Skedaddle Wildlife Removal Experts Explain

  “Raccoons have been known to be great hitchhikers.” According to Bill Dowd, CEO of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control We’re all cautious of the hitchhiker our mothers warned us about. The innocent looking guy on the side of the road … Continue reading

Animal Control: How Wildlife Cope with the Summer Heat

  Summers around the world have been getting hotter in the last few years due to climate change. And this one is shaping up to continue the trend. This means that people and wildlife alike will be scrambling for ways … Continue reading