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4 Dangers Bats Bring That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Bats can’t really be seen that often and can only be noticed at dusk, dawn or at night. Bats aren’t animals you want to find in your home, so you will likely need to contact animal control if you discover an infestation. There are a lot of things you can do to prevent bats from invading your home, but sometimes even the best prevention methods are eclipsed by mother nature. Bats that want to roost for the winter are drawn to the warm confines of someone’s attic. Here are four reasons you should have the bats in your house removed:

  • Guano
  • Rabies
  • Water contamination
  • External damage

Bats are nocturnal, seeing them during the day could be dangerous.


You might have heard that bat droppings can be dangerous to your health. You shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this as a myth. Bat droppings carry the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum, which can be very harmful to humans. If the guano dries up and is inhaled it can give you a lung infection. If it spreads beyond the lungs, it can be fatal.


Second only to raccoons, bats are most at risk of contracting rabies. Humans, as well as pets, should stay clear of them as the virus can be transmitted through a bite, fur, guano, blood or urine. On the other hand, there’s no need for alarm just yet; bat bites in humans are very rare, but if you have a bat infestation you shouldn’t take it lightly.

Water Contamination

Depending on where the bats have made their home, there is a chance that your water can become contaminated by their droppings, urine or fur. If you have an outdoor water collection, you are especially at risk. The smartest thing to do if you suspect an infestation is to avoid water that has been exposed to outdoor elements.

Bats are the only mammal that uses its own power to fly.

External Damage

It can cost a lot to have your chimney or attic repaired from the damage the bats can cause. Bats can chew into walls and leave urine or feces everywhere. Bats roosting in your home is not a problem you want to ignore. To avoid any damage to yourself and your home, make sure you are well informed about bats and their habits before you seek professional help.

When on the market for an animal control specialist that focuses on humane exclusion methods, look no further than Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Skedaddle has been on the forefront of humane exclusion and prevention techniques for nearly thirty years and has amassed tons of hands-on experience in the process. As a result, there is no infestation the company technicians cannot provide expert help with. Get in touch with Skedaddle today and ensure your home is free from those pesky bats for good.

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