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4 Tips to Stay in Control of Those Sneaky Squirrels

Squirrels may look cute and cuddly but they can actually pose a threat if they gain access to your home. Squirrels like to use attic spaces as nesting areas and can do damage to your home by chewing up wooden components in the attic, chewing up wiring, as well as damaging insulation with urine and feces. The best action for homeowners to take against squirrels is preventative maintenance. By working to prevent squirrels from accessing your home, you can avoid this type of infestation in the future, which includes the damage squirrels can do to your home.

Plastic roof vents chewed by squirrels to get into the attic

Avoid Providing Food Sources

Squirrels like to eat nuts and bird feeders are basically free food sources for squirrels. When you have bird feeders on your property, squirrels will use the feeders as their own. Remove any feeders when you see squirrels eating the feed as it can draw the creatures closer to your home. You can hang feeders in a certain way and use special tactics to avoid squirrels gaining access to the food but this may be more work for you. Try to remove the feeders for a time to see if the squirrels move on to another area.

Plastic roof vents chewed by squirrels to get into the attic

Trimming Tree Branches

When squirrels gain access to the home, it is usually along the roofline or attic venting. To avoid giving squirrels instant access to these areas of your home, trim any tree branches that reach close to the roofline. Squirrels can easily use their dexterity to climb the thin tree branches and end up on your roof, looking for a spot to gain entry. By cutting back the tree limbs, you are shutting off their access to this portion of the home.

Covering Access Points

As the homeowner, you should assess your roof and exterior of your home on a regular basis to avoid a squirrel infestation. Wall venting and other openings of the home can easily be an entry point for squirrels. To solve the issue, special grating should be added to such openings. Grating will allow the area to still work as it should but will close off the larger entry points for squirrels to avoid entry into your home.

Wildlife Control

If you have been unable to prevent squirrels from entering your home and you now have a problem, squirrel removal services are needed. With professional removal service, you will see the squirrels removed from the home, without further damage to your property. It is essential to contact removal service the minute you realize that squirrels are living in your home. The longer you wait, the more damage will be done, from chewed up wires to messy insulation. Have the problem solved immediately and preventative measures in place so that you can worry less about an unwanted visitor staying in your home.

When you experience a squirrel infestation, contact our experts at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. We are happy to assist you with squirrel removal services and have vast experience in the area of removal and preventative maintenance. Contact our office as soon as you notice a problem so we can take care of the issue for you.

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